Original Boo Bear Teddy Bear | Fast Shipping

$110.00 $220.00 -50% OFF


Original Boo Bear Teddy Bear | Fast Shipping

$110.00 $220.00 -50% OFF


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Product description

Original Boo Bear teddy bear is an awesome gift for your loved ones. This toy as a gift doesn't matter with any age. Boo Bear's Original Boo Bear teddy bear is a stuffed chubby teddy bear. Your loved ones will love this gift, no matter what the occasion is. Hence, this life-size stuffed teddy comes under the 8 ft range. The Original Boo Bear teddy bear is a soft and a heavenly brown color. The inside has filled with polyester & cotton. All materials have chosen to create this well-proportioned stuffed teddy bear for you.

Product Safety

Safety is always on our mind at BooBearFactory and our teddies reflect that fact. Each of our stuffed bears has tested & certified by the Bureau of Industrial Safety. This means your Original Boo Bear huge teddy bear can is playable by people of any age & no worry about safety.


This teddy bear ships to the convenient shipping locations. We guarantee you that this Teddy Bear will be your best friend. It is the product that everyone loves to buy. You can buy this teddy bear having a size of 8ft.

With this Original Boo Bear big teddy bear at home & you will want to cozy up next to it. Hence, this pretty brown Teddy is much more friendly than others. Though it is well-made with furs as well as the body are as resilient.


  • This teddy is easy to wash.
  • Easy to care
  • Comes in different size of 8 ft.
  • It comes under brown colors.

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