5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears - Boo Bear Factory | Fully Stuffed | USA MADE

$99.00 $279.99 -65% OFF



5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears - Boo Bear Factory | Fully Stuffed | USA MADE

$99.00 $279.99 -65% OFF



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Product description

Boo Bear's 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the stuffed fluffy teddy bears. You will love this so much and soon it will be your friend. The teddy comes with a size of 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft and 11ft. It can gift to anyone on any of the special occasion. These 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the best quality teddy bears you have seen. These bears may bigger than most people. 8ft soft teddy is the largest known giant teddy bear.

We are USA based , and Our Bears Come FULLY STUFFED.


These teddies are charming, attractive as well as adorable. Having the huge cute eyes and a cute bear face, it will make you fall in love. It has such soft creamy fur that once you hug it you might not ever let it go.

Adopt a new family member today

Every teddy bear soft toy deserves a good home. It is the one kids love to play with and so many other adventures. Our 5 ft to 8 ft Teddy Bears are the perfect size to tag along with your kids. And in the case of washing, a quick bath of soap & water can wash it.

How big these are?

5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the life-size bears that leave a good impression. The big body is good to hug with big round arms and legs. These are one of our hottest selling products. These Teddy Bears balanced the giant size with the best quality & cuteness. The 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are friendly with a creamy color. 

Product Safety

Safety is always there at BooBearFactory as well as our products reflect that fact. Our 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears is playable by people of any age without worrying about safety. All materials have chosen to create them are well-proportioned stuffed bears for you.

Teddy Bear Size

  1. 5 Ft Teddy bear
  2. 6 Ft Teddy bear
  3. 8 Ft Teddy bear
  4. 10 Ft Teddy bear
  5. 11 Ft Teddy bear


These 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears ships to many convenient shipping locations. We guarantee you that our 5 ft to 11 ft Teddies will be your best friend.


  • The teddy bears are easy to wash. 
  • Easy to care and comb.
  • Comes under the size of 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft.

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