USA MADE & SHIPPED (All Bears Fully Stuffed)(We Ship Across the Globe)

Terms and Conditions

All our Boo Bear Experts are working hard everyday to make sure your new furry friends are Highest Quality Possible. We make everything from scratch and stuff our Giant Teddy Bears with the Best Quality Material on the Market. All Our Bears are fully stuffed before shipping and packaged in a discrete box. We make it our absolute priority to ship your bear next day once order is placed. Sometimes we do get overwhelmed with orders of your New life-sized Teddy bears and delays can happen. Also due to covid outbreak that we all know about, sometimes shipping couriers are behind also.  If any issues arrises we can offer you free shipping on your next order or percentage off as compensation. Because of the way our bears are shipped and the costly prices of shipping a giant teddy bear We do not offer full refunds or returns. If by chance something does happen example delayed shipping or wrong color bear mix up we are happy to give some type of compensation according to our bear code of ethics but due to cost of shipping these furry friends we do not cover any return costs.We do our absolute best to please all our customers. Boo Bear Factory makes it our lifes mission to make sure your orders make it to your hands in a timely manner and on time for your special occasion. Please make sure to read all descriptions of each bear before purchase to make sure your purchased the correct one of your liking. Mistakes made by customers choosing wrong bear .

If you order more than one bear the cost for shipping will be shipped out for the first bear for what you paid for at check out and  for all other bears will ship ground unless you email us to pay the difference.


I know and have full understanding of this terms and conditions page before ordering with  Boo Bear Factory.