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giant white teddy bear
Giant-White-Teddy Bear-6ft-7ft

Color White with size 5 ft to 7 ft

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Boo Bear's giant white teddy bear is the stuffed fluffy white-colored teddy bear. These giant white teddy bears are the best quality teddy bears that you may see. A giant white teddy bear is a type of soft toy which are bigger in size than usual. It comes under the size of 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft. They are cuddly & soft stuff so kids find it joyful playing with these giant bears.


This adorable giant white teddy bear with a colorful bow-tie ribbon around the neck. The giant white teddy bear is a huggable & lovable stuffed teddy bear. This giant best friend will look great in your house or playroom.

How big they are?

The giant white teddy bear is the life-size bear that has a good impression. The big teddy is good to hug and play with. They come with a size of 5ft, 6ft as well as 7ft.

Care Instructions

Safety is always there at BooBearFactory & products also reflect that fact. Giant teddies will not fit in washing machines. So make sure to wash the teddy in cold water. This is to make sure that all the dirt is completely washed out.


These giant teddies ships to many convenient shipping locations. We guarantee you that our teddy bear will become your family member.


  • These teddy bears are easy to clean.
  • Easy to care.
  • Comes under the size of 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft.
  • Signature eyes.
  • A bowtie on the bear's neck.

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