5ft Big Pink Teddy Bear - 6ft Pink Teddy Bear - 7ft Pink Teddy Bear

$99.00 $200.00 -51% OFF


5ft Big Pink Teddy Bear - 6ft Pink Teddy Bear - 7ft Pink Teddy Bear

$99.00 $200.00 -51% OFF


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Product description

A giant teddy bear 5ft giant pink teddy bear is a product from the Giant Teddy soft toys. This big teddy bear is taller than many people. It is large enough to lounge around and velvety coat makes it great for falling asleep on. It comes with a thick fur and whimsical removable bow tie.

5ft giant pink teddy bear comes in different color variations and styles. It is one of our fastest selling teddy bears. Boo Bear Factory's Pink Teddy is a perfect gift for special someone. This fluffy teddy that your loved ones will love, no matter what the occasion is. A giant teddy can make a nice gift for our loved ones. So, we can call it the best gift for you. 5ft giant pink teddy bear is soft and fluffy. It will for sure loved by everyone as it gets made from quality material.

About Product

The 5ft giant pink teddy bear has the ability to attract people towards its cute face. The product can also be a fluffy friend of yours. These giant bears can help bring joy back into your stressful life.

A Gift that keeps on giving

This 5ft giant pink teddy bear is a gift that will be a huge hit for occasions. Give this as a gift that will create countless childhood memories. You can also snuggle them to sleep too.

Perfect Precious Pink

5ft giant pink teddy bear from sassy to sweet offers so many adorable soft bears in amazing shades of pink. And also, it is the perfect gift for girls on different occasions.

Product Review

This specific teddy bear will definitely bring your some special memories back. And we also assure you that it can create many good memories with you like a friend. 5ft giant pink teddy bear is best for all age groups and also, your children will enjoy its company. Enjoyment with our teddy is of endless hours of play and fun. It will soon become a part of your family.


  • Keep your kids playful for a long span of time.
  • Made with quality material that is safe for kids.
  • Easy to wash soft toys.
  • Super soft fabric material.
  • It is also much easy to handle and maintain.
  • This teddy is super cuddly soft and huggable too.
  • Comes under Pink color.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • The product dimensions are around 22x19x15 inches.
  • Its weight is near about 12 pounds.


  • This toy is soft in nature.
  • It is also for people of all ages above 3 years.
  • The size of this teddy bear is 5ft.
  • It is also a 12 pounds weighing soft toy.

Items Included

1x 5ft giant pink teddy bear.

Safety Guidelines

These are about the infants, kids as well as the toddlers with soft toys. Do not leave soft toys with unsupervised and sleeping children below the age of 3.

Warranty Information

Each 5ft giant pink teddy bear gets made using the high-quality plush fabric. These soft toys also pass all United States safety standards. Our every Teddy guarantees for 6 months from the buying date. It is against defects in material as well as workmanship.

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