Toy Stuffing - Plush Stuffing - Polyester Toy Stuffing

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Toy Stuffing - Plush Stuffing - Polyester Toy Stuffing

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Toy Stuffing 

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When it comes to creating soft, huggable, and lovable plush toys, the material you choose for stuffing plays a crucial role. Boo Bear Factory offers a top-notch solution with their Polyester Toy Stuffing, designed to meet various quality and safety specifications.

Material: Polyester Toy Stuffing

At the heart of Boo Bear Factory's plush stuffing is high-quality polyester. Polyester has long been favored in the toy-making industry for its superior resilience, softness, and hypo-allergenic properties. This material ensures that your stuffed toys remain cuddly and comfortable for years to come.

Washable? Yes!

Children's toys tend to get dirty, and washing them should not be a hassle. Boo Bear Factory's Toy Stuffing is washable, making it easy to clean your plush creations. You can rest assured that your child's favorite stuffed companion can be freshened up with ease, maintaining both hygiene and the toy's lifespan.


Safety is paramount when it comes to children's toys. Polyester Toy Stuffing is non-flammable, offering an extra layer of security for your little ones. In the unlikely event that the stuffing comes into contact with a flame or electricity, it will melt rather than ignite, reducing any potential fire hazards.

Dryer? Only use Air Dry

While this plush stuffing is washable, it's essential to note that it should be air-dried rather than exposed to high heat. Heat can cause the polyester material to melt, compromising the toy's shape and comfort. By allowing it to air dry, you'll preserve the integrity of the stuffing and the overall quality of your plush creations.

Eco-Friendly: Made out of Recycled Plastic

At Boo Bear Factory, they take their commitment to sustainability seriously. Unlike traditional plush stuffing materials, their Polyester Toy Stuffing is made from recycled plastic. This eco-friendly choice means that you can enjoy the softness and comfort of plush toys without contributing to the demand for new plastics. It's a small step towards a greener, more responsible future.


Children with allergies can sometimes be limited in their choice of toys. Boo Bear Factory's Polyester Toy Stuffing is hypo-allergenic, meaning it is less likely to trigger allergic reactions. This ensures that all children, regardless of sensitivities, can enjoy the warmth and companionship of plush toys without any worries.

Boo Bear Factory understands that creating the perfect stuffed animal or plush toy requires attention to detail. The choice of stuffing material is a critical component, and their Polyester Toy Stuffing is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you're a toy manufacturer or an enthusiast crafting homemade treasures, this stuffing is an excellent choice.

Toy Stuffing Specifications:

    • Material : Polyester Toy Stuffing
    • Washable? Yes 
    • Non Flammable (If any Flame or Electricty touches toy stuffing it will just cause it to melt not catch fire. 
    • Dryer? Only use Air Dry .. Heat can cause stuffing to melt.
    •  Made out of recycled plastic not grown on trees 
    • hypo-alergenic

Toy Stuffing Used by Professionals (You Dont Need Machine Can Stuff By hand)

Why to choose Toy Stuffing - Plush Stuffing from Boo Bear Factory?

Choosing Toy Stuffing - Plush Stuffing from Boo Bear Factory is a decision rooted in quality, safety, and sustainability. With its high-quality polyester material, this stuffing ensures that your plush toys remain soft and durable, offering long-lasting comfort and playtime enjoyment. Safety is paramount, as it is non-flammable, providing peace of mind for both makers and users of plush toys. The washable nature of the stuffing adds practicality to your creations, making it easy to maintain their cleanliness. Moreover, Boo Bear Factory's commitment to using recycled plastic aligns with eco-conscious values, making it an environmentally responsible choice. Whether you're a professional toy manufacturer or a passionate hobbyist, this versatile stuffing guarantees consistent results. When you choose Boo Bear Factory's plush stuffing, you not only create wonderful plush toys but also embrace a commitment to safety, sustainability, and superior craftsmanship.

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