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1.5ft Teddy Bear Loving You $33.00 $89.00
When you are figuring out for a thoughtful way to spread some happiness and show your loved ones that you care, a teddy bear gift is one of the best choices. 1.5ft Loving You Giant Teddy Bear is soft, fluffy, as well as made of the best quality material. This is a soft and furry teddy bear made of premium quality fur. You would surely love to gift this cute teddy bear to your kids or your special someone. This makes an ideal gift for some of the special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversary and Festivals. This is an adoring teddy having a red heart and printed "I Love You" on it. Kids are always delighted and mesmerized by these kinds of soft toys. This soft toy is safe to use for everyone. Children can hold plush toys close and even cuddle them. This toy is in a vibrant as well as the striking colour that will attract the attention of your kids. It is a stuffed toy in the shape of a giant bear. The toy is a lovable, endearing, large, strong, hairy, etc. It is also washable at home in a washing machine. We offer teddy bears in a different range of choices. However, you can find the right products from our Giant Teddy Bear products, to choose a particular colour, size and style. Best above everything, when you choose a product with us, we ship them straight to the door of the recipient, hence you can give a gift that shows up on their doorstep as a surprise. Therefore, adding a smile to the face of someone you love with our teddy bear, without any hassle on your side. They are designed with innovation and are also safe to use by the kids. These are made of fine quality cloth as well as filled with good quality fibre. They can be easily washed and are hygienic. Home wash in soft detergent is recommendable. However, this 1.5ft Giant Teddy Bear Loving You is as versatile as it can serve as a lovely toy for the kids or an adorable present for your sweetheart. Some of the other features are: Light in weight. Adorable and Cuddly. A perfect companion for your loved ones. Non-toxic as well as soft fabric and cuddly filling. Huggable. Easy to wash. Very attractive to make you have a perfect feeling all the time. Surprise the loving ones on any special day with this classic stuffed giant teddy bear, giving them a wonderful memory. Size: 19inch (1.5Ft), Weight: 1Kg near about. No delivery charges. Package Includes: 1 - 1.5ft Giant Teddy Bear which is made of the eco-friendly material, safe for all ages either a child or an adult, durable & safe. Note: Please contact us in case of any assistance. We are always ready to guide.
10ft, 11ft, 12 foot Teddy Bear from $360.00
It is hard not to fall in love with this giant light brown teddy bear. Whichever variant you choose from 10 foot Teddy Bear, 11 foot Teddy Bear, or 12 foot Teddy Bear, it’ll not only add some decor to the room but will also make an excellent pillow, and great psychological support. The furs and fillings are selected and handcrafted with utmost care and love to comfort you. Hugging this life-sized bear is a feeling of its own kind. It’s big, fluffy, and cuter beyond any ordinary teddy bear. Easy to maintain and a joy to own, it can be an anytime gift solution and can be extended to express any type of emotion to your special acquaintances and loved ones. You can also go for the Extra special gift wrap deal and get it personalized with your special note. We also offer emergency delivery with minimum calls.  10 Foot Teddy Bear A superhit with anyone who sees it, this 10 foot teddy bear will make a big impression! Whether you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, or want to make a statement, this giant teddy bear is all you need. Standing an impressive 10 feet tall and built with high-quality materials and construction to last, this one will turn heads wherever it goes. Buy it now to add some wow factor to your home or office, this 10-foot teddy bear is a perfect choice. Some people might think that 10 foot teddy bears are too big, but they can actually be lovely and cuddly. They make great gifts for loved ones and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. If you have never seen a 10-foot teddy bear before, you should definitely check one out. You will be surprised at how big and cuddly they can be and how perfectly they can put life to an empty corner of your room. 11 Foot Teddy Bear Measuring in at an impressive 11 foot tall, this giant teddy bear is sure to become a focal point in any room. Made with high-quality materials, it is built to last and provide years of fun and affection. This bear is so big, that you might need help carrying it home from the store. But it's worth it because this bear is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. So if you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, or want to add a little extra joy to your life, this 11 foot Teddy Bear is all you need to make your day better.   In addition to its impressive size, this giant teddy bear also tends to have a number of other unique features that set them apart from its smaller counterparts. If you're looking for an extra-large teddy bear that's sure to make a big impression, consider adding this 11 foot teddy bear to your list. With its massive size and unique features, this type of teddy bear is sure to be a hit for anyone who receives it. 12 foot teddy bear Give the gift of happiness today with this huge 12 foot teddy bear. This teddy bear is so big and fluffy, that it's sure to make anyone happy. It's the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Bring a smile to someone's face today with this giant teddy bear. Some of the key features of a 12 ft teddy bear may include its size, its softness, and its cuddliness. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for someone special or you want to treat yourself, a 12 foot teddy bear is sure to please. If you are ever feeling down, this giant teddy bear can always make things better. There is something about its size that just makes it seem like it can protect you from all the bad things in the world. And when you give them a hug, it feels like all your problems just disappear. No matter what happens in life, a giant teddy bear will always be by your side.
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1ft Lil Puppy with Heart (Not So Giant) $25.00 $35.00
1 ft Lil Puppy with Heart Give the gift of love by sending a 1 ft Lil Puppy with Heart to the special someone in your life. This Lil Puppy with Heart is a precious soft toy that is adorably in a white coat. This cute Lil Puppy has a red heart holding in its hands that says "I Love You" on it. However, it is perfect for hugging. Hence, another tiny giant as we like to call them. Does that special someone love puppies this is the perfect gift? Though, the answer is Yes. Delight your loved ones or the little ones this year by presenting them with an adorable soft toy. This Lil Puppy into their bedroom will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime. It is crafted with perfection using the finest materials, non-toxic as well as the soft fabric. Hence, this stuffed toy is soft and cuddly, making the ideal gift and friend for any girl. Sitting at 1 ft tall, this stuffed Lil Puppy is the perfect size to tote around as well as to provide comfort everywhere.  Stuffed toys are one of those toys that people are most likely to keep with them from their childhood, and are one of the items most likely to become the centre of a most treasured collection as well. Features: Cute 1ft tiny giant Puppy. Holding a red colour heart in its hands. I Love You is printed on the heart. White in colour. Easy to wash but with gentle care. Therefore, warm the heart of your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or on any other special occasion, with this stuffed Lil puppy. All Giant Puppies are well made, durable, made with child safe fabrics & components and also meet or exceed all the US safety standards. This also guarantees our soft toys are perfect for snuggling with. It is perfect for a Mother's Day gift, Valentines Day gift, or just to show the special person in your life that how much you love them. Although, give our Giant Soft Toys a tight squeeze for good luck! This Lil Puppy is sure to be their new good luck charm thanks to its soft white fur and cute red paws. Hence, send your very best wishes by surprising them with this good luck as well as a love charm. Warranty Information Each of our soft toys is made of high-quality plush fabric that passes all US safety standards. Our every toy is guaranteed for at least 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material as well as the workmanship. The accessories include heart pillows. About Soft Toys Stuffed toys, however, have been created back as far as the 1890s or perhaps even further, but the true making of the 'Teddy' came towards the end of 1901-02 when a now-famous bear hunting incident between President Teddy Roosevelt and an injured black bear cub became the main point of a political topic. For over a century, stuffed toys have been a favourite toy, a best friend, and a trusted confidant for both the young as well as the old alike. Hence, scroll down to see our entire collection of Soft Toys including the Giant Teddy Bears. Also, don't forget, if you have any query or don't able to find what you want, we're just a toll-free call away! Package Includes: 1 - 1 ft Lil Puppy with Heart which is made of the eco-friendly material, safe for all ages either a child or an adult, durable & safe. NOTE: Wash it gently and handle with care.  
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1ft Teddy Bear (Tiny Giants) $30.00 $39.00
1 ft Teddy Bear Boo Bear Factory introduces you with the variety of the Giant Teddy Bears having different features of each. However, 1ft Teddy Bear also known as a Tiny Giant have soft fur to snuggle. Nothing can beat the original soft teddy bear. However, nothing will put a smile on your face faster than the sweet cuddly teddy bear. The teddy bear has a detailed design and lifelike colours. The fur is soft and invites kids as well as the adults to cuddle. The bear has a very kind facial expression having a large but a soft snub nose. It is pretty large and plushy that it can easily be hugged heartily. 1 ft Teddy Bear is comfortably huggable as well as amazingly lovable. There are only a few words to describe this new tiny giant teddy bear. It is made with the child safe fabrics and wears a ribbon/bow around its neck. Whenever you need a gift that is friendly as well as cuddly, our Giant Teddy Bears are the perfect choices for all ages as well as the occasions. With our shop by size, you can easily find the right option for any occasion. Our 1 ft Teddy Bear is a tiny giant and cuddly in a way to be appreciated by the recipient. However, a life-size teddy bear may not always be the best choice depending on the situation or on your budget, which is why we offer you some smaller options as well. Reason To Buy A few reasons to choose a smaller bear is that it includes budget, available space in the room, and age factor. Whatever the size you choose, rest assured that all our friendly teddy bears are made with soft material to make anyone want to sink into a bear hug.  The teddy bear convinces by a detailed design and the perfect colour combination. Features It is designed to cuddle. Since there is no shedding, clumps or coarseness with this teddy bear, it is made with smooth, silky fur. It is made to last forever. Our 1 ft Teddy Bear is a toy you can love for a lifetime, designed to last as well as stuffed with love using 100% recycled stuffing; features premium swirled fur as well as the tan paw pads. Lifetime Guarantee. Kids-Friendly stuff having 100% new polyester. It is free of harmful chemicals. Easy to Wash. Soft Teddy Bear has an adorable expression, a mix of sleepiness as well as the joy that brings a lifetime of happiness and companionship. Furry, fun plush toy is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, friends or children. Stuffed by hand in the USA with a pillow-soft polyester stuffing. Made in the US and imported. The perfect gift when you want to send a premium quality gift. 1 ft Teddy Bear stands over your complete satisfaction. Soft fur to snuggle or play with etc.   Product Advantages Made up of the particularly soft material. With an elegant loop. High-quality teddy bear. Can be used for cuddling and hugging. Perfect gift for all the occasions. Velvety soft as well as cuddly and much more. Dimensions Size: 1 ft.  Colour: Creamy/Brown Scope of delivery 1 x teddy bear Note: The colour of the fur used in face might vary as per the fur is available in the market. Disclaimer: Product colour and look might vary due to photographic lighting sources as well as the editing.
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1ft Valentines Day Teddy Bear (Not so Giant) $28.00 $35.00
1ft Valentines Day Teddy Bear Valentine's Day gifts are the perfect way to show your love to your loved ones. Our valentine day gift pack consists of 1ft Teddy Bear. This not so Giant Teddy Bear is holding a big plush pink heart pillow. This 1 ft Valentines Day Teddy Bear is perfect to give for Valentine's Day, or any other day if you want to express your romantic feelings. However, this giant teddy bear is ready to be your outrageously big ambassador of love as well as romance. Hence, this teddy bear is almost as wide as he is tall, and nearly as deep too. This Teddy Bear got neat, big-paw imprints on feet, and shows a Classic teddy bear look that is both friendly as well as adorable. If you are looking to send a teddy bear to someone special, then this is a perfect gift. Hence we are having a huge variety of valentine's day gifts such as Supersoft Teddy Bears, Heart Holding teddybears etc. Now its not a Giant Teddy Bear but this little guy is so cute. This is a 1ft Valentine's Day Teddy Bear that is for the special someone to show just how much you love them. About Product: We aim to show you accurate product information or description: Quality is the first thing with the best service. All customers are our friends. Fashion design,100% brand new, with high quality. Material: Plush, Soft fur, Cotton. Colours: White. Size: 1 ft. Product Description Our white valentines day teddy bear will make the day extra special for your loved ones. The premium plush construction ensures that your bear is the highest quality available because that special someone deserves the best gift this year. This is the time to order for this cute bed partner which would surely accessorize your bed and make you fall into the sweet dreams. A great compliment to the valentines day crafts for your love. This 1ft cute white teddy comes with a pink heart-shaped pillow in its hand. Gift this lovable toy today to your lover. Features: Our cute, as well as unique 1ft Valentine Day Teddy Bear, tells your lover "Happy Valentine’s Day". It is a soft stuffed bear. This classic 1 ft design features cute soft fur that is impossible not to be your boy or girls first cubby. One of the perfect small gift. Guaranteed to make a great impression in size and quality. Stuffed with squishy soft polyester for lots of hugging as well as snuggling. Delivered already holding a big plush pink heart pillow that says. This super-cute version of the teddy bear is sure to be a great ambassador of your feelings. High-quality material, easy to wash and wipe down to keep clean. Each foot is embroidered with Pink Paws. It is a unique character with tons of love. Our 1 ft Teddy Bear is nothing short of amazing and features Surface-washable construction for hassle-free cleaning that stays soft even after the countless kisses, hugs, naptime cuddles, as well as the playtime adventures. Quantity: 1 - 1ft Valentines Day Teddy Bear. NOTE: Please note that the slight colour difference should be acceptable due to the light and the screen. We try our best to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. If there is a problem, contact us. We are happy to guide.
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2ft Love Giant Teddy Bear $39.99 $89.00
2ft Love Giant Teddy Bear  Fabulously huggable as well as amazingly lovable are just a few words to describe this new 2ft Giant Love Teddy Bear. It is the perfect addition to the Giant Teddy Bears family. It is 2ft large adorable white teddy bear and is ready to make someone you love feel special and lucky. This 2ft Love Giant Teddy Bear is soft, fluffy, and made of the top quality material. It is easily washable. Comes just like the picture, it is cuddly and soft with vibrant true white fur that makes it very huggable. We think it is a perfect Occasional Teddy Bear but it also loves celebrating anything that makes you happy. This 2ft Giant Teddy Bear has a velvety soft red nose and holding a red heart-shaped cushion in hands with printed LOVE on it. This teddy bear is made with the child safe fabrics & components and meets all the US safety standards. This extra-special and large teddy bear has red coloured paws on its both feet and holds a fluffy heart that is as cuddly as the teddy itself.  Product Details Its pillowy soft body is perfect for the big hugs and the cuddlings. Made with the premium quality of polyester materials, you will be happy if you chose this as a lovable teddy bear gift for your loved ones. Our teddy bears are super soft, made to hug as well as an attention grabber. You will surely love having one around. The Perfect Gift Give the gift of friendship, love and tenderness with a 2ft Love Giant Teddy Bear stuffed with soft materials. An extremely soft and huggable teddy bear having a heavenly plush vanilla coat. The expression of love and kindness that extends to your loved ones home. The Heart Pillow The teddy bear is holding a beautiful, soft, plush and cuddly red heart pillow with “Love” embroidered on the front. Features: High-quality polyester materials used. A giant cuddler. Made in the US and Imported. It is made with lots of love and cushiony polyester fiberfill that never clumps as well as can never be recycled. A warm friendly smile, the cutest, soft red nose etc.  The huge stuffed teddy bear is big, soft as well as comfortable like a giant body pillow. Makes the perfect cuddle and hug buddy. This Giant Teddy Bear has been certified after rigorous testing, all of the stuffed toys made have been found to be safe, chemically and physically, for people of all the ages. Quality craftsmanship etc. Warranty Information Each Giant Teddy bear is made of high-quality plush fabric and passes all the US safety standards as well. Every Teddy bear is guaranteed for at least 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material and the workmanship. Shipping: Free Shipping Quantity: 1 - 2ft Love Giant Teddy Bear. Note: Please note that there can be a slight colour difference that should be acceptable due to the light and the screen. We will try our best to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. In case of any problem, contact us. We are happy to guide.
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2ft Teddy Bear Mrs. Cuddles $48.00 $89.00
Mrs. Cuddles Giant Teddy Bear is one of our hottest selling Bears  Soft , Fluffy, and top quality material. Great For Any Occassion. Comes just like the picture! Free Shipping =)
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5 Feet Fluffy Teddy Bear $125.00 $200.00
5 Feet Fluffy Teddy Bear Boo Bear offers 5 feet fluffy teddy bear. A giant teddy bear in beige soft fur and fluffy filling. A perfect gift for your loved ones to spend their romantic moments. A great product for teddy bear lovers to take a warm hug. Specially hidden stitched for more prominent and comfortable grip. Silky soft bow around the neck will gives a handsome looks. A great 5 feet fluffy teddy bear to hold in your arms for warm and toasty hugs. Features Head to toe length is 5 feet Soft hypoallergenic fiber filling Safe and protective plush material Harmless and effective usage for kids
5 Feet Giant Teddy Bear from $125.00 $200.00
5 Feet Giant Hug Bear A giant brown hug bear for your best friend. A great plush bear with soft and comfy hypoallergenic fiber filling. It will give you cozy and relaxing feeling. A great toasty hug from your loved ones. It comes with hot red bow and super soft touch. 5 feet giant hug bear gives you a cute smile and a special reason to hug. Spend your romantic moments while missing someone specials. Features 5 feet taller hug bear Cozy and comfy material Filled with hypoallergenic fiber fill Perfect stitching and light weight
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5 Feet Hefty Pink Hug Bear $125.00 $200.00
5 Feet Hefty Pink Hug Bear Boo Bear's 5 feet hefty pink hug bear is one of the best gift for your kids. It has very fine and soft plush material. It looks very beautiful and comfortable to carry in hands. A right amount of hypoallergenic fiber filling provides perfect toy to spend the most time in treating or loving the hug bear. A perfect choice for adult and kids gifting. The pink hug bear looks more attractive and precocious to carry on the bed. Features Soft and comfortable plush  Adorable 5 feet tall hug bear Unique hypoallergenic fiber filling Premium pink color with adorable finish  
5 feet Large Color Brown from $99.00 $200.00
Boo Bear's Giant Brown Teddy Bear is a stuffed fluffy teddy bear. Your loved ones will love this no matter what the occasion is. Hence, this life-size stuffed teddy comes under 5ft, 6ft and 7ft ranges. The Giant Brown Teddy Bear is still huggable soft and with a heavenly brown color exterior. The inside has filled with resilient polyester & cotton. All materials have chosen to create this well-proportioned stuffed bear for you. Product Safety Safety is always on our mind at BooBearFactory and our products reflect that fact. Each of our stuffed bears has tested & certified by the Bureau of Industrial Safety. This means your Giant Brown Teddy Bear can is playable by people of any age, no worry about the safety. Specifications This Giant Brown Teddy Bear ships to many convenient shipping locations. We guarantee you that Giant Brown Teddy Bear will be your best friend. It is the product that everyone loves. You can buy this teddy bear having different sizes like 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft. With this Giant Brown Teddy Bear at home, you will want to cozy up next to it. Hence, this pretty brown Teddy Bear is much more friendly than others. Though it is well-made with furs and body are as resilient. Features This teddy is easy to wash. Comes in different sizes like 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft. It comes under brown colors. 6 ft VERY FEW LEFT! 5 ft SOLD OUT!
5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears - Boo Bear Factory | Fully Stuffed | USA MADE from $99.00 $200.00
Boo Bear's 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the stuffed fluffy teddy bears. You will love this so much and soon it will be your friend. The teddy comes with a size of 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft and 11ft. It can gift to anyone on any of the special occasion. These 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the best quality teddy bears you have seen. These bears may bigger than most people. 8ft soft teddy is the largest known giant teddy bear. We are USA based , and Our Bears Come FULLY STUFFED. Description These teddies are charming, attractive as well as adorable. Having the huge cute eyes and a cute bear face, it will make you fall in love. It has such soft creamy fur that once you hug it you might not ever let it go. Adopt a new family member today Every teddy bear soft toy deserves a good home. It is the one kids love to play with and so many other adventures. Our 5 ft to 8 ft Teddy Bears are the perfect size to tag along with your kids. And in the case of washing, a quick bath of soap & water can wash it. How big these are? 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are the life-size bears that leave a good impression. The big body is good to hug with big round arms and legs. These are one of our hottest selling products. These Teddy Bears balanced the giant size with the best quality & cuteness. The 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears are friendly with a creamy color.  Product Safety Safety is always there at BooBearFactory as well as our products reflect that fact. Our 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears is playable by people of any age without worrying about safety. All materials have chosen to create them are well-proportioned stuffed bears for you. Teddy Bear Size 5 Ft Teddy bear 6 Ft Teddy bear 8 Ft Teddy bear 10 Ft Teddy bear 11 Ft Teddy bear Specifications These 5 ft to 11 ft Teddy Bears ships to many convenient shipping locations. We guarantee you that our 5 ft to 11 ft Teddies will be your best friend. Features The teddy bears are easy to wash.  Easy to care and comb. Comes under the size of 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft. --Add to cart now-- <Back to Collections Page
5ft Big Pink Teddy Bear - 6ft Pink Teddy Bear - 7ft Pink Teddy Bear from $99.00 $200.00
A giant teddy bear 5ft giant pink teddy bear is a product from the Giant Teddy soft toys. This big teddy bear is taller than many people. It is large enough to lounge around and velvety coat makes it great for falling asleep on. It comes with a thick fur and whimsical removable bow tie. 5ft giant pink teddy bear comes in different color variations and styles. It is one of our fastest selling teddy bears. Boo Bear Factory's Pink Teddy is a perfect gift for special someone. This fluffy teddy that your loved ones will love, no matter what the occasion is. A giant teddy can make a nice gift for our loved ones. So, we can call it the best gift for you. 5ft giant pink teddy bear is soft and fluffy. It will for sure loved by everyone as it gets made from quality material. About Product The 5ft giant pink teddy bear has the ability to attract people towards its cute face. The product can also be a fluffy friend of yours. These giant bears can help bring joy back into your stressful life. A Gift that keeps on giving This 5ft giant pink teddy bear is a gift that will be a huge hit for occasions. Give this as a gift that will create countless childhood memories. You can also snuggle them to sleep too. Perfect Precious Pink 5ft giant pink teddy bear from sassy to sweet offers so many adorable soft bears in amazing shades of pink. And also, it is the perfect gift for girls on different occasions. Product Review This specific teddy bear will definitely bring your some special memories back. And we also assure you that it can create many good memories with you like a friend. 5ft giant pink teddy bear is best for all age groups and also, your children will enjoy its company. Enjoyment with our teddy is of endless hours of play and fun. It will soon become a part of your family. Features Keep your kids playful for a long span of time. Made with quality material that is safe for kids. Easy to wash soft toys. Super soft fabric material. It is also much easy to handle and maintain. This teddy is super cuddly soft and huggable too. Comes under Pink color. Manufactured in the United States. The product dimensions are around 22x19x15 inches. Its weight is near about 12 pounds. Specifications This toy is soft in nature. It is also for people of all ages above 3 years. The size of this teddy bear is 5ft. It is also a 12 pounds weighing soft toy. Items Included 1x 5ft giant pink teddy bear. Safety Guidelines These are about the infants, kids as well as the toddlers with soft toys. Do not leave soft toys with unsupervised and sleeping children below the age of 3. Warranty Information Each 5ft giant pink teddy bear gets made using the high-quality plush fabric. These soft toys also pass all United States safety standards. Our every Teddy guarantees for 6 months from the buying date. It is against defects in material as well as workmanship. <Back to Collections Page
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6 Feet Huge Color Light Brown Jumbo Teddy Bear | Fast Shipping $139.00 $399.00
Boo Bears Original Jumbo 6 ft Bear. The Most sought out teddy bear in the world. Soft snuggly teddy bears great for all sorts of gifts.
6 Feet Panda Bear - Boo Bear Factory from $150.00 $399.00
Do your loved ones like Pandas? Our Panda Teddy is the perfect gift and will leave your special someone with a big smile for years to come.


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