Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Your Enormous Teddy Bear

Enormous Teddy Bear

Nothing compares to the adorableness of a 10 foot teddy bear. Cuddly, squishy, and a delight to cuddle up next to, these amiable giants are. The large bear will eventually need to be washed, of course. With routine care, which we will also discuss later, you can keep them quite clean, but with all that cuddling and playing, a lot of dust, lint, and bed mites will gather on the stuffed toy, along with possibly some stains. So, how can you clean your large, furry pet without causing any harm to him? We will give you a thorough introduction to each of the solutions we offer.


  • Do not use overheated water.
  • Be gentle.
  • Use neutral detergent (such as silk and wool detergent).
  • Dry as soon as possible.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight.


  • a small soft-bristled cleaning brush
  • a plastic basin
  • a bathtub or other container for a 12 foot teddy bear
  • several pieces of clean white towels
  • neutral detergent (such as silk and wool detergent)
  • a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment 
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar

Odor removal

They can develop an unpleasant stench over time since people frequently drag them around or even use them as makeshift furniture.

The best way is to sprinkle some baking powder or soda over the bear to neutralize and absorb the smell, saving you the bother of washing it all out. Whether it's in a big plastic bag or spread out on a big tarp, try to coat your bear with baking soda and let it sit for at least an hour.

Use the brush that comes with your vacuum cleaner to carefully remove the dust and baking soda from your plush animal .

Another clever idea is to fill an empty spray bottle with a solution of lavender oil and water, then use it to spray your bear everywhere. This will make it even cuddlier and give it a lovely, fresh scent.


Step 1

Detachable attachments should be taken off and cleaned independently.

Step 2

Then, add a tiny amount of neutral detergent (such silk and wool detergent) to a small basin of warm water. Once the two are combined, diluted detergent is left in the basin.

Step 3

They should be placed in a bathtub or other appropriate container.

If there are any little stains, try gently washing the toy's surface in circles all over the body with a tiny, soft-bristled cleaning brush (or a piece of clean, white towel dipped in the diluted detergent).

Proceed with caution, as doing so may cause stitches to break. You can view the video to see the solution if the sutures are broken.        

To prevent the detergent from deeply penetrating the toy;s body, take care not to dip too much of the diluted solution at once.

For more stubborn stains, you can soak the affected region of the baby bear in the liquid and give him a thorough wash, or you can put white vinegar mixed with water directly on the stained area.

Step 4

Rinse the stuffed bear gently after dampening a piece of clean white cloth with clean water. To get rid of all the detergent, you might need to rinse this furry toy more than once.

Step 5

Allow the toy to air dry to avoid any harm. Work using a piece of thick, clean white towel to help the bear's surface get rid of any extra moisture. After that, you may use clothespins or a drying platform to hang it to dry. To save time, if you must use a clothes or hair dryer, set it to the lowest possible temperature. 

Step 6

     Use a comb or light brush to carefully comb the bear once it has dried.

Wrapping It Up

To maintain the freshness and cuddliness of your favorite 11 foot teddy bear; it would be great if you pay attention to each and every detail. One of the most important factors to consider is making sure that you are being gentle, while avoiding the hot water and any exposure to the sun. No matter if you use baking soda for removing the smell or  providing your stuffed toy a deep cleaning session, the tactics and the precautions mentioned above guarantee that your Giant teddy bear stays in itz perfect shape and size.



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